Mobility Solutions

With options ranging from ticketing and trip planning to validation and transit benefits, Bytemark configures fare collection and payments solutions to fit any organization.


Mobile Apps

Easily set up mobile ticketing and trip planning for transit riders.

Our white-label product makes it quicker to configure and implement a mobile ticketing solution for your organization.

For clients with existing apps and hardware, Bytemark’s APIs can be used to add mobile ticketing and payments within the familiar ecosystem of your current app.


  • Credit card, Paypal and wallet pay options

  • Ticket wallet

  • User settings management

  • Schedules

  • Real-time, relevant GTFS information


Ticket Types

Select from a wide range of validation options to fit your business needs.

Every client has unique infrastructure and integration needs when it comes to adding mobile ticketing. Bytemark has a range of mobile ticket types to fit the needs of each client:

  • V3 Tickets — Visually Verifiable Virtual tickets. Our patented, secure solution requires only the user’s phone and a visual confirmation by your employees. Bytemark's Mobile Ticketing Platform is built with proprietary patented technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,239,993, 8,494,967, and 9,881,433)

  • QR Tickets — Generate real-time, single-use codes that are more secure than a printed ticket, scannable with a hardware validators.

  • Near Field Ticketing — Proximity ticketing using NFC or Bluetooth allows users to validate via tap to a reader or by proximity to a sensor.

Bytemark is continually performing research into the latest in mobile & wireless technology, with the aim to keep our platform both technology agnostic and future-proof.


Merchant Back Office

Manage your mobile ticketing system from a simple web interface.

  • Detailed reporting — Generate reports on ticket usage, transactions, and reconciliation. Bytemark can also provide a daily data export to run custom analytics.

  • System administration — Create and edit products and push notifications to users.

  • Business partnerships — Offer special bulk ticket pricing by organization, bundle partner products with your tickets, and reconcile financials easily.

  • Customer support — Credit tickets to users, generate refunds, reset user passwords, view past orders and log customer interactions.


Handheld Validators

For an extra layer of security, deploy handheld validators running the Bytemark Merchant Mobile app to quickly scan and validate mobile tickets.

  • Easy to scan/validate tickets — Get clear, concise visual feedback to confirm that the mobile ticket is legitimate.

  • Track fare evasion and print citations — For invalid or fake tickets, quickly capture customer data to create a database of repeat fare evaders. Print a citation on the spot.

  • Sell tickets — Trying the ease the rush hour flow? Did a rider board without a ticket? Sell and print single-use barcode tickets for immediate validation.

  • Runs on Android — Easily deploy the Bytemark Merchant Mobile app on any Android phone or tablets. To speed up ticket scanning, Bytemark can also provide hardware add-ons, such as the Grabba S-5000b, for faster scans and a backup battery.


Onboard Validators

Quickly validate mobile tickets with hardware-automated ticket scanning.

  • Extensive experience with hardware integration — Bytemark has proven experience integrating diverse types of hardware into one operating and connected system.

  • Comprehensive hardware & software solutions — Our integration expertise can also be applied to existing systems—including paper ticketing, magnetic fare media, ticket vending machines, etc.

  • Moving beyond visual validation — In situations where ticket volume is too high for employees to visually validate each ticket, these solutions can signify ticket validity with audible tones.