Smart Rail USA

Bytemark is attendingĀ Smart Rail 2015 in Charlotte, NC October 28-29.

The two day conference will include 75 speakers and over 400 delegates from across the nation.

“Dynamic, connected and successful transit networks are of key importance for the development, growth and prosperity of the modern American city. An integrated and futureproof transit system can support job creation, develop new sectors of economic growth and strengthen environmental protection. SmartRail USA is founded on this vision of a nation with financially viable, reliable, safe and widely used transit networks. To reach this vision, we believe it is essential that innovation and new technological solutions are embraced. We are proud to be the meeting place where these solutions providers and transit agencies, meet and share to develop the networks of the future.”

To schedule a meeting with a Bytemark representativeĀ at the conference, please message

We hope to see you in Charlotte!

October 2015 | By: Justin Deno | News