2014 Payments Summit: Smart Card Alliance

Bytemark will be attending the Smart Card Alliance 2014 Payments Summit February 5-7 in Salt Lake City, UT.

“Payments Summit has grown to be the industry’s leading forum for smart, secure payment technology, implementation, and markets. For 2014, we’re building on that success with an expanded, up-to-the minute conference agenda. And we’re continuing our coverage of every leading transaction platform: EMV card payments, mobile payments, and transit payments. Reserve your seat now at this gathering of leading smart card practitioners, solutions developers, end users, and suppliers.”

“The US is the world’s largest payments ecosystem and the migration to EMV–the global transaction security standard–has now begun in earnest. Yet, for many banks, credit unions, issuers and merchants there’s still a frustrating lack of clarity. At the same time, NFC-enabled payments are starting to take shape as card networks, telecoms and handset manufacturers target the market with mobile wallet solutions. But no ubiquitous model for all merchants and issuers has emerged. Finally, transit ridership is considered by many to be the “killer app” in expanding the use of open standards-based contactless bank card and mobile payments, and major transit operators have launched pilots nationwide.”

We are excited to be attending our first Smart Card Alliance event. Mobile payments and mobile ticketing for transit are the foundation of our product offerings. Our recent mobile ticketing deployment in Austin,TX serves as a great example of the strides that are being made in transit towards mobile technologies. Bytemark is further developing NFC and HCE payment and validation solutions to better serve clients who are interested in contactless solutions. We are keen to see how others are utilizing and advancing proximity technologies.

We hope to see you in Salt Lake City!


February 2014 | By: Justin Deno | News