ByteToken Delivers KeyPass


ByteToken Delivers KeyPass - The Bluetooth LE Mobile Device Fare Validation Solution. New system will offer hands-free smartphone fare validation and fare gate interaction.ByteToken is demonstrating KeyPass in London on Thursday, February 9th.  This project was funded by FutureRailway and RSSB. For more details please visit this page.KeyPass comprises the following components:• BLE Beacons• Antennas• 3D Camera• Controller ModuleThe BLE beacons and associated antenna array locate the position of the user relative to the gate line, a 3D camera tracks the user as they approach, and a controller application manages the interface between the software components of the system, as well as the fare gate. These components can be configured to suit the requirements of the environment in which they’ve be placed.To produce the prototype, ByteToken partnered with Thales, leading international fare gate manufacturer, who upgraded their latest smart fare gate, the Dreamgate PG600, to support the KeyPass bluetooth functionality.KeyPass is easy to use. A passenger, simply downloads the ByteToken mobile app and uses this to purchase their travel rights, which are then stored on the mobile app. As they approach the fare gate to enter the transport network the app will, without user intervention, communicate with KeyPass. Once the KeyPass software has determined that the user has valid travel rights, a signal will be sent to the appropriate fare gate to open. This enables a hands free approach to checking in and out of the transport network, increasing user throughput as they no longer need to locate and present their ticket.Keypass is the latest offering in the comprehensive range of mobile ticket validation methods that are currently available from ByteToken, which include NFC HCE, dynamic 2D barcodes as well as our original, patented V3 (visually, verifiable virtual) ticketing solution.

About ByteToken

ByteToken is a UK-based, wholly owned subsidiary of Bytemark, Inc. Founded in 2011, Bytemark is a provider of Transit Fare Collection solutions to cities and agencies across the globe. Based in New York City, Bytemark also operates regional offices in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and India. Bytemark products have been implemented for over 20 transit agencies including New York Waterway, Toronto Transit Commission, Capital Metro Transit (Austin, TX), and King County (Seattle, WA). For more information, visit / or contact Alex Stewart, Director of International Business, t: +44 (0) 131 526 3269,

About FutureRailway

FutureRailway is the delivery team working on behalf of the cross-industry Technical Strategy Leadership Group (TSLG) to implement the Rail Technical Strategy. As such, FutureRailway is supported by the whole rail industry and its supply chain, and operates as a collaboration between RSSB and Network Rail. It incorporates the activities of the former Enabling Innovation Team which was set up by the rail industry to accelerate the uptake of innovation. The mission is to offer support to practical cross-industry demonstrator projects, but also seeking out innovative ideas and proposals from across the industry. The approach is to: understand the challenges that industry faces; connect potential innovators with these challenges; and, where necessary with potential funding. The team is hosted by RSSB, and reports into TSLG, and is supported by the Rail Delivery Group, RSSB’s Board as well as the Department for Transport.

About RSSB (Rail Safety and Standards Board)

RSSB helps the industry understand risk, guide standards, manage research, development and innovation and collaborate to improve. The rail industry in Britain is made up of many different organisations, but they all form a system and share a common purpose, to move people and freight safely and efficiently by rail. RSSB bring all parts of this system together to support shared decisions, products and services, to help industry drive out unnecessary cost, improve business performance and develop long-term strategy.